18 Movies That Surprisingly Bombed at The Box Office in 2017

They could have been the year’s blockbusters.


2017 was a terrible year for movies at the Box Office. So terrible that for every It, Beauty and the Beast and Spiderman Homecoming, there were 2 or 3 movies that didn’t make any gains at all. Most, in fact, didn’t break even.

Blame it on poor marketing, unknown stars, terrible release date timing or damaging critic reviews and whatever, but this year saw more movies flop at the American Box Office than any other year in the last 20 years. International sales have helped some movies break even, but not every film production has been lucky.

It seems like big-name stars, car chases and thinly plotted action films are no longer a big attraction for cinema-goers, not even in the summer. If that’s not the case, how else can one explain the failure of major star-studded blockbusters like The Dark Tower or Valerian and The City of Stars?

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

There’s something about the story of King Arthur and his roundtable that’s always been adored by fans, but that didn’t prove to be a draw factor when the latest big screen adaptation of the story of England’s beloved king hit theatres in early 2017. The Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law starrer scored a mere $148 million worldwide against one of the biggest budgets in this list – $175 million.

Ghost in the Shell

Despite having international star Scarlett Johansson as its leading lady, 2017’s adaptation of the popular Japanese comics lacked the power to shine at the box office. Its troubles started early on when Scar Jo’s casting was marked as whitewashing by critics and fans, so it wasn’t surprising when pale figures came in from leading Asian markets. The latest figures to come in reveal that the film has only scored $40.5 million against its $110 million budget.

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