18 Movies That Surprisingly Bombed at The Box Office in 2017

They could have been the year’s blockbusters.

All I see is you

All I See Is You’s run of bad luck started at the Toronto International Film Festival, where some viewers reportedly walked out because of its slow start. Blake Lively’s star power couldn’t save it from sinking either, for it’s only made $216,691 in sales across over 2000 cinemas since its release, against a budget of $30 million.


Here’s another drama that was never destined to shine. Based on the story of a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing, the film won over critics everywhere and Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance was praised. Cinema-goers weren’t very touched by the emotional story behind it though. It’s only scooped $5.5 million so far, which is a big low compared to its reported $30 million budget.